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We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone

Base Infrastructure

With parallel development of city operations and project general contracting, implement two integrated strategies, i.e. design, procurement, construction and investment and construction, improve the whole industrial chain resources in the municipal construction field and the traffic infrastructure field, and establish a famous comprehensive operators in city construction in China.

Design 01
A design team led by design masters Li Shoushan, Zhao Jun, Zhang Qiuping, etc.
B-grade qualifications for municipal engineering ( road and bridge), landscaping, and highway projects, C-grade qualification for construction projects.
Construction 02

Keda Group has gained various kinds of qualifications, including first grade general contractor qualification for municipal utilities and highway projects

second grade general contractor qualification for water conservancy and hydroplant projects and third grade general contractor qualification for railway engineering projects

Investment and Operations Management 03
Through using innovative operations modes like BT, BOT, PPP, Keda Group has been engaged in more than 10 projects with total investment of 20 billion Yuan.
Dongying Yellow River Highway Bridge
In 2000, Keda Group cooperated with Highway Bureau of Shandong Province and invested 860 million Yuan in building the first highway bridge in BOT mode in North China. The project won Luban Prize, the top honor in China’s building industry.
Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway Guangrao-Gaoqing Section
Keda Group and Shandong Hi-Speed Group jointly invested 4.5 billion Yuan in building the Guangrao-Daoqing section of Changchun-Shenzhen Expressway, a 54km project, which will become a major expressway connecting Dongying and Jinan.
Ecotourism Town in Mount Tai
Keda Group jointly invested 4 billion Yuan with Tai’an People’s Government and Palm Eco-Town Development Co., Ltd. In the 4.15 square kilometer Taishan Ecotourism Town. Keda Group provides planning, reconnaissance, design, construction, maintenance, operations and fiance for the project.
Construction Qualification

Keda Group has gained qualifications in 7 fields, including First-grade general contracting qualification for highway and municipal construction projects, second-grade qualification for hydraulic engineering, railway construction and professional qualifications for landscaping projects, and road, bridge, traffic, and electric power projects.