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Established in 1984, Keda Group has 42 member companies including Keda Group Co., Ltd.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
Group Industry

Keda Group has set up subordinate organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yantai, Qingdao, Binzhou, etc. and set up engineering project offices in 12 provinces and cities in China.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
Corporate Culture

Develop by technology, establish Keda brand, provide quality products and satisfy customers.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Advocate the corporate spirit of hardworking, selfless contribution, dedication and patriotism, pursuit of excellence.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing

Keda Group will focus on digital marketing solutions and establish as a leader in the digital marketing, based on its powerful advantages in the media and customer resources in the field of mobile marketing.

Brand Management 01

A leading brand and creative service provider in China

Through leading brand management services, Keda will provide customers with improved brand cognition and make effective supervision, optimize the relationship between the brand and the consumers and establish the competitive advantages of the brand, and make the company behaviour more loyal to the brand’s core value and spirit. Meanwhile provide customers with customized creative marketing solutions.

(1) Brand Management: through advanced brand management, Keda will provide customers with brand image planning service, improve their popularity and market recognition and make effective mangement; establish brand positioning and form close relationship with consumers, and establish the brand’s competitive advantages.

(2) Creative Service: with abundant creative marketing means, Keda will provide customers with customized creative marketing solutions of wide publicizing range and high reputation.

(3) Content Management: create quality contents as the marketing carrier, provide marketing contents that match with customers’ needs; and improve customers’ brands in terms of word-of-mouth, user interaction and brand communication through the contents’ spreading in various forms and in various platforms.

Digital Advertising
Provide customers with integrated digital marketing which features multiple channels and various types of advertising.
Precision Marketing
Provide customers with more precision, individualized, measurable and high ROI marketing communication, based on powerful data analysis management and operations optimization.
  • Effect Marketing
    Conduct effect marketing through effective strategy and implementation, combined with mature charge mode, reduce customers’ advertising investment risks and bring them optimal advertising effect.
  • Search Marketing
    Improve the company’s ranking and provide customized information release platform through search engine optimization by means of multiple platforms.
  • Socialized Marketing
    Provide customers with high exposure and user interaction and realize the target of good marketing effect, through the coordination of multi-channel network platforms and advantages in media resources.
  • E-commerce
    Mare more precision consumer portraits and predict consumer’s needs based on the data, and make pertinent marketing as per their interested commodities and services at different decision phase.
Big Data & Survey 03

Keda will provide customers with consumer market data exploration and analysis and precision perception to improve customers’ operation achievements, based on the Online Sample Bank, Online Community Platform and big data technology.

(1) Big Data Survey: through data acquisition and management and the capability of big data analysis and prediction, Keda will make more precision and effective advertising services, provide characterized contents for the marketing activities and bring higher ROI rate, combined with the customers’ marketing activities.

(2) Survey and Perception: with the mature survey software system and the sample bank of abundant and high quality samples, Keda will make thorough survey and analysis for the product development and marketing activities. Keda has keen perception in the industry development.

(3) Effect Monitoring: follow up the track of advertising and marketing activities, sort the monitoring data, and assess the effects of advertising during various periods like pre-release, during-release and after release of the advertising.

Demo Cases
Sub-brands of digital marketing Digital marketing cases
  • Beijing Iforce Interactive Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Tongli Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Guangzhou Target-uni Digital Marketing Co., Ltd.
  • Guangdong YLMF Computer Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Beijing Aspiration Advertising Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing AiChuang TianJie Brand Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Zhiyue Network Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Data 100 Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Baic Senova
  • Haima Motor S5
  • Geely Boyue
  • Buick Product Launch Event
  • Jaguar Product Launch Event
  • Cadillac "Fish" Themed Promotion
  • Suning "8·18 Promotion"
  • JD "Spring Festival Promotion"
  • JD "6·18 Promotion"
  • gN Pearl
  • Marubi - Fear No Dark
  • Marubi - Eyes
  • Red Bull - Extreme Challenge
  • Carlsberg Beer
  • Gionee Mobile Phone