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Established in 1984, Keda Group has 42 member companies including Keda Group Co., Ltd.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Keda Group has set up subordinate organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yantai, Qingdao, Binzhou, etc. and set up engineering project offices in 12 provinces and cities in China.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Develop by technology, establish Keda brand, provide quality products and satisfy customers.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Advocate the corporate spirit of hardworking, selfless contribution, dedication and patriotism, pursuit of excellence.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Dongying Fuzuo Huayuan
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The project has total floor area of about 135,000m2, planned number of households is 720. The project aims to build a low carbon and smart high quality residential community.

Located at the center of Dongcheng, 500 meters away from Dongying Municipal Government. With mature supporting facilities like New Century Square, Qingfenghu Park, Yizhou Road Commercial Street, primary school, kindergarten, hospital and farm product market in the adjacent and convenient traffic, the residential community enjoys unique regional value.

In terms of the planning and design, Keda Group cooperates with UDg Shanghai, the top design company in China. Fuzuo Huayuan is the first community in Dongying that has realized separate roads for pedestrians and vehicles. The pavements are located above the ground with beautiful landscape. The vehicles will directly enter the underground garage at the entrance of the community. Thus pedestrians won’t see any vehicle or hear the horns on the pavements, which also avoids pollution and guarantees people’s safety and the wholeness of the landscape.

Keda Group reforms the terrain and makes the roads inside the community 2.8 meters higher than the urban roads, which embodies the sense of privilege. There are also various measures to guarantee excellent water drainage in the underground garage, which ensures a good living environment.

In terms of construction, Keda Group cooperates with China Railway Construction Engineering Group and guarantees the construction quality. Keda uses green and environment-friendly construction materials, including Laiwu Steel products, sand and gravel materials have been washed for maximal concrete strength, new faucets that meet the latest national standards, etc.

Integrating modern high technologies, Keda Fuzuo Huayuan has designed intelligent ventilation system, thermal insulation system, sound insulation and noise reduction system, solar energy illumination system, three dimensional security and protection system, and intelligent card system, etc. Among which, the intelligent ventilation system adopts bidirectional air distribution, while providing fresh air to the rooms, it can efficiently recycle the heat or cold released from the rooms, which guarantees the indoor ventilation with energy conservation and low operating cost. It solves the ventilation problem of the whole building and can avoid air conditioning diseases.