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Established in 1984, Keda Group has 42 member companies including Keda Group Co., Ltd.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Keda Group has set up subordinate organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yantai, Qingdao, Binzhou, etc. and set up engineering project offices in 12 provinces and cities in China.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Develop by technology, establish Keda brand, provide quality products and satisfy customers.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Advocate the corporate spirit of hardworking, selfless contribution, dedication and patriotism, pursuit of excellence.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Dongying Keda Huayuan
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Keda Huayuan is located at the residential area which is adjacent to Qiuyue Lake Park. There are commercial center, schools and hospitals around the community with a brook crossing it. It has unique wetland landscape and is a typical harmonious residential community.

Grand layout, multiple sections, and multi-phase construction

Keda Huayuan consists of five sections, respectively the villa section, YiShang, YuanJian, YiJia and LeJia (to be built). According to the market needs, the construction of Keda Huayuan is divided into several phases.

In addition, the new design adopts grand layout and uses a circular main road to divide each housing sections, which forms a vigorous landscape featuring ecological effect, artistic effect and practical value.

Reasonable layout and unique waterfront landscape
The villa section adopts the layout which is characterized by buildings built along the water and linear layout of roads, and the “double circle”structure based on the brook and landscape system which guarantees that each villa enjoys similar environment with street in the front and brook at the back, and maximally meets the requirements of the villa for good landscape and privacy.

Separation of pedestrians and vehicles and waterfront pavement system
Keda Huayuan chooses economic road system according to the ambient environment and people’s travel habits, which provides great convenience for people’s travel and is favorable to the driving of fire fighting trucks, ambulances, grocery trucks and garbage trucks. Most of the driving roads are separated with the pavement, which provides a safe, convenient and beautiful environment for the residence.

Excellent auxiliary facilities embody“people’s livelihood first”
Keda Huayuan has built a community service center at the central area, which consists of commercial services, property management, primary school and kindergarten, providing people more convenience in the life.
Among which, Keda Huayuan Farm Product Market covers an area of 12,680m2; Keda Weicai (International) Kindergarten has been put into use on August 30th, 2009; Keda Primary School was opened in 2010.