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Established in 1984, Keda Group has 42 member companies including Keda Group Co., Ltd.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Keda Group has set up subordinate organizations in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yantai, Qingdao, Binzhou, etc. and set up engineering project offices in 12 provinces and cities in China.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Develop by technology, establish Keda brand, provide quality products and satisfy customers.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Advocate the corporate spirit of hardworking, selfless contribution, dedication and patriotism, pursuit of excellence.

We provide sustainable renewable energy for everyone
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Dongying Wealth Center
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Dongying Wealth Center project is the first urban complex in Dongying City which is built with international vision. It is a finance and business center specially planned by the government and built and operated by Keda group. Located at Fuqian Avenue, it covers an area of 100 mu (about 66,667m2) with total floor area of 270,000m2. It will greatly improve commercial facility, hotel and housing of Dongying City.

The project consists of A-grade office building, five-star hotel, high-end commercial building, high grade residential buildings and apartments, providing one-stop commercial services.

Taking the overall layout of the city, the project aims to enhance the city image. Centered at the main office building, with two commercial buildings at its two sides, and the hotels and high-end apartments to its north, the buildings constitute a unique space structure. All the buildings adopt modern, concise and elegant style, and highlights the design of details.

With advantageous location, international construction quality and diversified functions, it will bring new standards for the commercial real estate of Dongying City. It will also stimulate consumption, promote investment, and improve Dongying’s urbanization and city image.